Welcome to Innovative Welding

Innovative Welding Pty Ltd is the Australian Distributor for K-TIG, a game changing welding process set to revolutionise the welding industry. Developed by the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), K-TIG is a high speed, single pass, full penetration welding technology that eliminates the need for wire, edge beveling or skilled operators. K-TIG provides order-of-magnitude increases in productivity, with welding speeds up to 100x faster than conventional TIG/GTAW welding in materials up to 16mm in thickness. A K-TIG weld is performed autogenously, without the need for filler wire, in a single full-penetration pass. The resulting weld is 100% parent material, without multiple fusion lines, virtually eliminating the potential for inclusions, porosity and other defects typical of many welding processes. K-TIG’s ripple-free weld pool provides an exceptional quality cap and root that requires no back-gouging, finishing, cleaning or grinding. The K-TIG welding system executes programmable weld sequences that adjust weld parameters dynamically to ensure exceptional quality welds that are repeatable – every time. The result of ten years of research and four years of product trials in six countries has resulted in a new welding technology of extraordinary speed and simplicity. Welcome to K-TIG.